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Please feel free to submit a photo of a TONNER Company doll or figure for The Duels. The doll can be restyled and repainted, of course, but it can also be merely a picture of a doll or figure you just love. We ask that you don't upload multiple photos (versions) of the same doll, just pick the best photo you can. Aside from having great fun, the aim is to help our collectors and fans discover the great work and passion of others, so feel free to enter the URL of your Flickr account, or blog, or doll website so others can connect to you. And may the best doll win!

  • TONNER Doll Company figures only
  • Only the best photo of a doll or photo shoot; no multiples
  • Check "Newest Pics" to see when or if your images have been approved
  • Nothing provocative, please!
  • Images will not appear until approved, which may take 24 hours or more.
  • Not every image will be approved and released into The Duels. We reserve the right not to release images or withdraw them at our sole discretion.

Submission Process